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(iPhone, iPad,
iPod touch,
iPad Mini,
iOS, iPad Air)

by Gordon Peters

Syncellence is an easy to use, full featured file synchronization app which allows you to wirelessly share a set of any files between iOS-based devices, Macs, Windows PCs, and Linux PCs. It enables you to either transfer individual files or fully synchronize a set of files directly from one device to another without requiring the use of a cloud server.

Once the files are on your iOS device, you can use the built-in file browser to view, print, rename, delete, email, upload files to Facebook or Dropbox, or even open them in other apps. You can also create playlists from music or video files.

Features included with both Syncellence and Syncellence Free are:

★ Direct iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch file sharing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
★ Direct iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to Mac/Windows/Linux file sharing via Wi-Fi
★ Wi-Fi syncing using any Java-enabled web browser
★ Strong encryption when transferring files via Wi-Fi
★ Extremely fast file transfers and synchronizations
★ Powerful built-in file browser
★ Previewing of most file types
★ Printing of files to AirPrint capable printers
★ Emailing files
★ Saving image and video files to the photo library
★ Copy and paste of files and data from other apps
★ Opening of files from other apps
★ File searching

Additional features which are only included in Syncellence are:

★ Full synchronization of files from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to any other device
★ Playlist creation from audio and video files
★ Sharing videos and photos from the photo library with any other device
★ Sharing contacts with any other device
★ Opening of files in other apps
★ Uploading photo and video files to Facebook
★ Uploading files to Dropbox
★ Tweeting image files (iOS 5 or higher)
★ Setting favourite files for quick access
★ Ability to select multiple files in the file browser
★ No ads

Please note that Syncellence and Syncellence Free are fully compatible with one another. So if you purchase a copy of Syncellence, you'll still be able to share files with people who may not wish to purchase Syncellence.

File transfers between an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and a Mac, Windows, or Linux PC can either be performed using any Java-enabled web browser or by using Syncellence Server for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux which is freely downloadable from our website at

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Syncellence by Gordon Peters on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)