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FileSync - Sync, View, and Play Files Anytime, Anywhere!
by Jeff-Net

New! Version 3! Looking for an easy way to store and view your personal files (PDFs, movies, DOC files, PowerPoint presentations, MP3s)? You need FileSync!

FileSync allows you to download all of your files by "SYNCing" with an FTP directory. Anytime. Anywhere.

Version 3 Features:
1) Search
2) Print
3) Video/Audio scrubbing (search)
4) PDF page count/search
5) "Presentation Mode" of PDFs (a left or right tap goes to previous/next page"
6) Passcode protection of FileSync application (optional)
7) Passcode protection of individual server settings (optional)
8) Place external attachments in FileSync "Inbox" using "Open With" from other applications
9) Upgraded folder and file type images

Here's how some of our current users/business customers are applying FileSync to their daily lives:

* Portable training/instructional job videos
* On-the-road salesman can download inventory and sales reports
* Study guides for students
* Portable file viewing of your important business documents anytime, anywhere - like on a plane, bus, waiting at the airport

No dragging and dropping! No need to load any extra software on a computer or network. No cleaning up or removing files from your iPhone or iPod. Once you enter your server name and FTP settings, everything is automatic.

Set up your connection to your FileSync FTP directory, and press SYNC. All files and folders in your remote FileSync directory are downloaded and current FileSync files on your iPhone are removed. All at the tap of a button!

Most popular formats are supported, including PDF, DOC, MOV, MPEG, MP3, HTM, TXT, BMP, and JPG.

No USB cable needed!

No special software for copying files to your iPhone or iPod needed!

No dragging and dropping!

No deleting, clean-up, or file maintenance on iPhone or iPod needed!

No local network connection needed!

Both PC and Mac users can benefit from this application!

What makes us different than our competitors? We use FTP (file transfer protocol) to copy/sync files to your iPhone or iPod. With our competitors you have to be WITHIN your network/iTunes machine to sync with your iPhone. With FileSync you can sync with your iPhone ANYWHERE! Imagine driving down the freeway, pressing your SYNC button in FileSync, and getting all the latest important business documents downloaded while you drive. You can't do that with the competitor applications.

If you are familiar with Crystal Reports, we have a 100% turnkey way (using our Report Runner Batch product) to allow you to run your Crystal Reports, upload them to the FTP server, then use FileSync to download the PDF versions of your reports to your iPhone. If you use FileSync, we'll even give you a big discount on our other products.

We support our products 100%. If you have a problem with FileSync, please let us know.

Lastly, some users ask... what is FTP? FTP is a simple protocol that allows you to connect with a remote computer (server) and upload/download files. All computers on a network have an IP address (think of it as a unique phone number to get to the machine). You connect to the machine, enter an ID/password, and what file directory you want to use. From there, using FTP, you can upload/download files. You must understand the basic concepts of FTP to use FileSync. FileSync downloads files from your FTP server(s) to your iPhone. Please note, you can not UPLOAD files using FileSync (although you can mail attachments or URLs of your files to someone).

If you have any questions, please visit our website. We have tutorials, online chat assistance, and direct phone support. We love our customers and just want to help!

Download link

FileSync - Sync, View, and Play Files Anytime, Anywhere! by Jeff-Net on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)