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MedSpeak: Cantonese Translator Lite
by QxMD Software Inc.

***Note: If you are having difficulty hearing the audio, simply increase the volume by using the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone/iPod.***

From the creator of ‘The ECG Guide’, comes MedSpeak Cantonese Lite – the leading medical English-Cantonese translation App with full audio.

***Please Note: This program is not fully featured. It gives you sample content to help you decide if you wish to purchase the fully functional version.***

This App is designed to assist English speaking health care providers when communicating with their Cantonese-speaking patients. Also available in Mandarin.

*A patient arrives in the emergency department pointing to their chest with a look of distress on their face. But they speak only Cantonese.

*A patient arrives in your office for follow-up, but does not bring a family member to assist with communication. They speak only Cantonese.

Language barriers put patients, health care providers and health care facilities at risk. MedSpeak uses innovative technology to help convey key messages and get answers to critical questions.

Cantonese ranks as one of the top foreign languages requiring medical translation. Be prepared for such a patient encounter with MedSpeak Cantonese.

This application has been adapted from the medical translation course and text developed by ‘Better Medicine’. The App provides all phrases with English text and Cantonese translation provided in both writing and audio.

Feature highlights:

*Topics from most areas of health care including Nursing, Rehabilitation, Pharmacy and Medicine

*Content sorted by category, topic and symptom

*Content in English and easy to read Chinese script

*High quality audio recordings

*Powerful search feature allows searching entire App or just single section

*Easily create ‘Favourites’ list by double tapping

*A MUST HAVE for anyone involved with patient care at any stage of training!

Upcoming languages:

1. Punjabi
2. Spanish

We appreciate your feedback. Please send in any content requests or suggestions to

Download link

MedSpeak: Cantonese Translator Lite by QxMD Software Inc. on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)