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Heart C@rds (with Stickers)
by Hot Chili Apps GmbH

You want to send kindest regards to someone? Sending the latest news to your dearest on Facebook? Messages from the heart and love declarations to your Friends? Your own photographs decorated with fancy or romantic stickers? Then Heart C@rds will be just the right thing for you.

With Heart C@rds you can quickly send your very own personalized postcards to your friends straight from your iPhone/iPod Touch by email. Decorate your photographs and surprise your friends.

Heart c@rds is a quick, easy and creative way to send out stunning, personalized cards or postcards right from your iPhone / iPod touch. Use one of the 31 beautiful and colorful templates, decorate them with one of the 40 Heart-Stickers, add photos from your album or camera or add text or even shadow. With just two fingers you can scale and rotate your Heart-stickers, photos or text, with just one finger you can position it wherever you want. Save the C@rd to your album or send them out directly from the App. Or load them up to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

You create and decide! Heart C@rds gives you countless choice to surprise your loved one with fancy C@rds.

C@rds are the most elaborated mobile e-cards here on the iPhone / iPod touch. There are 14 C@rds sets here in the store

Love C@rds: For the loves of your life
Birthday C@rds: For very personal, lastminute bithday greetings
Photo C@rds: For Photo C@rds saying more than thousend words
Date C@rds: For dating very special people
Chistmas C@rds: For touching Christmas greetings
Easter C@rds: For inviting all rabbits to the happy egg hunt
Halloween C@rds: For ghosts, vampires and little werewolves
Kids C@rds: For your small loved ones
Frame C@rds: For special frames for special people
Removal C@rds: For all people on the move to stay in contact
Wedding C@rds: For a very special time in your life
Valentine C@rds: For very special people on a very special day
Smilies C@rds: For sending out a smile
Sign C@rds: For fancy and funny greetings
Glow C@rds & Sticker: For red hot news or love declarations
Heart C@rds & Stickers: Kindest regards to all your nearest and dearest

And there are more to come...

Download the C@rds Master for free and add all your C@rds sets. Within the Master all sets have a 50% discount. And: Use the Smilies-Stickers with all other C@rds!!!

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas how we could make this app better for you just send a mail to our support. We have no chance to answer or help if you just write a review. We welcome your feedback and reviews!

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Heart C@rds (with Stickers) by Hot Chili Apps GmbH on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)