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Newzik Lite by SyncSing
by Frederic Ortun

This application is a mobile songbook and notation book. It allows you to read the lyrics, chords and the music score of your songs anywhere, anytime, and as you play the guitar, the piano or your favorite instrument.

You begin by adding the lyrics, chords, midi or kar files, audio and even video files if you want, in your new numeric songbook on the iphone, the ipad (available soon for midi, kar and video) or the web site (all files formats available). Your iPhone/Ipad/itouch automatically syncs your songbook with the web and so allows you to sing or play the guitar or the piano anytime with the score or the chords tabs alone. Everything is stored and synchronized online so you'll never loose anything. You can use your data offline, online on the three devices and on the website. An Internet connection is only required to synchronize : you can do everything offline and it will synchronize your content when you get back online.

When you sing or play with friends, the band’s leader distributes the roles : for example the singer can turn the pages on the ipad for all the other members. Everyone in the public could be a simple guest of the master device, no need to create an account for that: the guest just needs to download the application and dial the master session’s number. This is particularly useful for the guitarist or pianist whose hands are already used elsewhere !

When the guitarist or the pianist plays alone, for example when he practices, he will use the magical functionality that allows him to turn the pages with the help of the foot or knee by lightly 'tapping' on the surface on which your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is placed. Cool isn't it ?

The main functionalities included in this application are :

- Organize your songs into playlists
- Scrolling the playlists and the songs lists
- Reorganizing the playlists, adding or removing songs
- Seeing the lyrics, chords and notation of for your songs
- Choosing your tracks and creating a bounce (playback) of thoses tracks
- Having a permanent backup of the songs and the related synchronized audio files
- Adjusting the tone of a song, by transposition
- Saving the transpositions by singer
- Seeing the chord's detail by taping on it with the finger
- Performing with friends with a synchronized scrolling of the lyrics, chords or notation on the iPhones
- Turning the pages with the help of the foot when you play the guitar
- Adding Midi files (on the website) and displaying them as scores
- Hearing the Midi files
- Hearing any combination of tracks of the midi files for playback
- Getting the lyrics out of a KAR file
- Playing in karaoke mode where the lyrics are colored while the music plays
- Seeing the score scrolling synchronized while the music plays
- and on the top of that many and many things that you can discover by yourself.

Have fun and let us improve this app by sending email to the support !

Download link

Newzik Lite by SyncSing by Frederic Ortun on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)