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Dream Shape
by Hammad Mujtaba

*With many more planned Updates to come, we are dedicated to make your $ spent go further and further*


"DreamShape is a very handy tool for keeping yourself in shape. With its cheap price, it crams loads of features into one application." -

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** Now with Password Protection **

Do you DREAM to be in a Better Shape ?

Do you Strive for a Healthy and Active LifeStyle ?

"Dream Shape" is based on a proven method which will help you to achieve your desired Body Shape and develop Healthy Habits.

“Dream Shape” helps you to improve or maintain the way you look and bring out your best; compelling others to ENVY you!.

Dream Shape is not a Calorie Counting App but it takes you beyond mere counting your calories and introduces a Points System where you give yourself points for every activity you undertake.

This method makes you Conscious of your Unhealthy Habits and tends you to eliminate them on a daily basis.

Its motive is not just to provide you an effective tool but also a module to work with until you achieve your desired Body Shape.

And as you do all that....

Save your **SUCESS STORY VISUALLY** with "Dream Shape".

- Track and Compare Daily Body Shape.
- Track and Compare Daily Activities.
- Track and Compare Daily Weight.
- Track and Compare Daily Points.
- Track and Improve Daily Self Satisfaction.
- Save and get motivated by your Ideal Body Image.
- Get Motivated to achieve your Goals.
- Secure all your App Data with Password Protection.

With many more planned updates, current features are:


- Intro messages for each page.

-Helps you to develop Healthy Habits.

- Log and rate your daily activity and compare accumulated points.

- Store a Daily Private Photo to track your Body Shape.

- For your Privarcy, Private daily photos can't be viewed from iPhones Photo Gallery.

- Store and get motivated by your Ideal Body Image

- Compare section let's you compare Private Photos from different dates.

- Track your weight both in Kgs and Pounds.

- Track and improve the level of Self Satisfaction.

- "The Motivator" helps you keep on track to achieve your goals.

- Password Protection for your Privacy.

- Graph page lets you instantly view a range of stored data for different time periods.

- Online section lets you interact with various other resources.

For any kind of further assistance in pursuing your DreamShape module please feel free to contact DreamShape via the email button in the Online section.

Please visit our website for more Info and Images.

*Daily Points are currently available in the Self Satisfaction section*

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Dream Shape by Hammad Mujtaba on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)