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(iPhone, iPad,
iPod touch,
iPad Mini,
iOS, iPad Air)

by cheetan cool

This app is intended to estimate the loan interest rate, repayment status, and Etc.

Setting of "loan scheme" and "property information" this app is divided.
Use to switch the "loan scheme" for "property information".
So, To make a lot of easy loan simulation is possible.


[Input of property information]
- Property Name
- Property Prices
- Property URL. (Can be moved by the button.)
- Loan Style. (Select from the list loan.)
- Refinance Loan Style. (Select from the list loan.)
- Start Year Refinancing.

[Input of loan form]
- Loan Name
- Deposit
- Expenses
- Payment method (select 2 type.)
-- Equal month payment with interest.
-- Principal equal payment.

-[Loan details] (Can be set up to stage 3.)
- Borrowing period
- Borrowing rate of interest
- Bonus payment form
-- none
-- pay once a year
-- pay twice a year
- Bonus Payments

★ By registering to favorite loan list (max 4 loan form).
You can compare the estimates by the graph in the screen.

- Consumption tax
-- Consumption tax rate
-- Ratio for the building of property prices
- Loan fee
-- Commission rate for the loan of property prices
- Registration cost
-- Registration expenses
- Brokerage
-- Rate of brokerage commissions for property prices
- Refinance
-- Cost rate refinancing


[Calculation results]
- Total payment
- Total amount of interest
- Month payment
- Refinance
-- Amount of reduction
-- Refinancing expenses
- Expenses
-- Consumption tax
-- Loan fee
-- Registration cost
-- Brokerage
- Deposit
-- Allocation of expenses amount to
-- Amount allocated to the property

[Repayment plan]
- Remaining borrowing
- Monthly interest
- Monthly payments to principal
- Amount of monthly payment

[Compare Loan form] (max 4 loan form)
- Comparison of the total payment amount
- Comparison of the average amount paid Month

[[The free version is limited function of]]
- Property information can not be of the "Add", "Delete" and "Move".
-- Please use the edit property information has been registered from the beginning.
- You can not loan scheme "Add", "Delete" and "Move".
-- Please use to edit the loan scheme has been registered from the beginning.
-- Those that are registered in the favorite can not be edited.

[[Please note]]
Please note, this apps Calculation results and those of financial institutions will be different

Results that are output by this application, please use as estimates.
When borrowing in reality I hope to use the repayment plan was issued, such as a table of borrowings.
With respect to such damage or compensation came out by the results of using this app is not responsible.

Download link

ZyuuuLoanLite by cheetan cool on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)