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by John Burns

iSandbagger - The perfect iPhone Golf App. Post Your Score Directly from your iPhone!!

"Your honor, Your Honor. Keep it fair!"

Tiger Woods brought attention to the USGA Handicap System when he stated a 10-handicapper couldn’t break 100 on a U.S. Open golf course. iSandbagger gives golfers a few simple tools to understand and validate a handicap, view score expectations, and easily post scores right from their iPhone.

Have you ever questioned if your buddies golf handicap is right? Do you know how many strokes you should get for the course you are playing today? How about the max score you can take on a hole for today's course? Ever need a quick reference on some common rule situations? Or how about posting your score right from your iPhone after the round?

So, what are the odds of 3-handicap Ben Roethlisberger shooting an 81 at Bethpage Black (the Golf Digest Challenge on the US Open Course)? See the screenshots for the answer.


+ With my index, how many strokes do I get on the golf course today? Simply enter the course slope and a course handicap is calculated for the foursome.

+ Need a course Handicap Chart before determining bets? A button click gives you one.

+ What's the Max I can take on a hole? Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) shows the max for the course you are playing today.

+ How about posting? Don't forget to post your scores. No need to carry that golf scorecard around with you until the next time you are at your club or back at the office near a computer. Simply enter your score on iSandbagger and click Post*.

+ Make sure your Buds post their low scores. And make sure your team mates post their bad days also. Put their scores in and Post for them.

+ Need a quick golf rule reference? Reference the most common rule situations with the touch of a button.

+ Are you "Playing to your Handicap"? Are you buddies playing well below their handicap? See a Score Probability Chart for each player that shows the statistical probability of shooting various scores on a specific golf course. And with an actual score entered equal to or below their course handicap score, we tell you the odds of this occurring. Using this information may reinforce your suspicion that some players are not accurately establishing their handicaps.

iSandbagger is all you need to have fun and keep it fair. Play Golf and Have Fun. Give it a try today! And don't forget to watch The PGA Championship Aug 13-16.

*Note: The ability to post a golf score online varies from club to club. Many golf clubs, and of course online handicap services such as Yahoo or, allow you to post online. Some golf clubs may not allow members to post their scores except when they are physically at their club.

The Posting feature works with many common handicap services, both online and club based. You simply choose from a list of handicap affiliations / service providers. If we don't have your handicap service provider listed, you can choose the Generic option. With the Generic option the iSandbagger App will analyze your club's web pages and fill-in the golf course specifics and score for you as able. That way you can simply review the web page and then post or save the score. We automate the process yet still give you the ability to verify any score that is posted.

Some online services are designed for detailed golf round analysis and include entry of various stats for each hole. Our system is not designed to accommodate this type of online serivce.

If you have the need for any additional golf handicap service provider, please let us know and we'll do our best to add your handicap posting service to the list.

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iSandbagger by John Burns on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)