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iOS, iPad Air)

by FinderCodes LLC

FinderCodes reconnects people with their favorite things!

Airline lost your luggage? Your pet run away? Forget your tablet on the plane? Misplaced your keys?

It happens. And all too often the stuff we value most is gone for good.

That’s why you need FinderCodes!

FinderCode Smart Tags (sold separately) combine confidential QR codes, intuitive software, and cloud-based tracking to facilitate quick, hassle-free returns of your lost items!

How it works
Simply attach FinderCode Smart Tags to your valuables and log them in your private FinderCodes account. If you lose an item, a finder can either scan the FinderCode Smart Tag with a smartphone or enter its code manually at You are automatically alerted that your item has been found and scanned, and built-in GPS can even show you its location on a map. The finder can text, email, or call you, according to your account preferences, to arrange for the return. Around the corner? Meet in person. Across the country? Use Re-Turnit™ to have your item shipped home via FedEx Office®! Which ever option you choose, with FinderCodes your identity is always secure, unless you choose to release it.

FinderCodes, LLC has a special alliance with FedEx® and is a fully-licensed brand partner with AT&T®.

• Alerts you the moment your item’s FinderCode Smart Tag is scanned, letting you know someone found your item and where it is.(1)
• Protects your identity. Unlike traditional tags that give away your name, address, and phone number, FinderCode Smart Tags keep your identity confidential.
• Uses GPS to locate the finder and your missing item on a map when the tag is scanned, a useful tool if you’re still in the area.
• Provides Re-Turnit™, a quick, easy, and anonymous return shipping option with FedEx Office®.
• Saves you money – no subscription fees!
• Provides easy, anonymous two-way communication via text or email.(2)
• Instantly notifies the finder of a reward!
• Helps get your pet home safely! Pet Details let you tell the finder about your pet’s food and medical needs, vet name and phone number, and even an emergency contact in case you’re out of town!
• Lets you upload a photo or write a message in your own words to help the finder quickly and safely return your lost pet or item!
• Allows you to set an image of a FinderCode tag as your Lock Screen Wallpaper on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad! Use with an adhesive tag for double protection!
• Works with or without a smartphone. The code can be scanned with a smartphone or entered manually at
• Lets you pay the finder’s reward in a few easy clicks with PayPal™!
• Survives extreme conditions. All FinderCode tags – whether plastic, adhesive, or iron-on – are made tough to hold up to today’s active lifestyles. They’re water-proof and won’t rip or tear.
• Provides lasting protection. FinderCode tags never become obsolete, even if you move or change your contact information. No need to get new tags!
• Rewards all finders who share their story of a successful return with FinderCodes (see for details).
• Comes in kits to suit your needs: Electronics, Travel, School, Home, Pet, Kid Stuff, and Baby Things.

What have you got to lose?™ Download the FinderCodes app and start protecting your valuables today!

* FinderCode tags sold separately.
* QR Code is registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

(1) Due to industry privacy standards, the geo-location of the finder cannot be shared without his or her consent. If a finder consents to it, you will be sent a map giving you the finder’s location.

(2) While texting and emailing can be done anonymously through the FinderCodes interface, we are unable to provide anonymous or blocked number phone calls at this time. If you wish to connect with the finder via phone, you will need to allow your phone number to be shared with the finder.

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