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MedValues Two
by michael heinz

An invaluable App for anyone who wants to maintain a comprehensive record of your body weight, with checks and analysis relative to your ideal values. And the diabetes part documents your glucose levels and insulin units.

For a detailed documentation with weight, blood pressure, pulse and diabetes values (glucose, insulin units) my tip : MedValues Pro.

Features - Diabetes:
-multiple daily storage of the glucose value, insulin units, and the insulin type (drug name), stating your own notes (eg for increased BE or health condition)
-fast and easy entries
-preliminary setting with renewed storage on last value
-all entries can be edited afterwards and deleted
-entries of data of earlier dates
-search in logs
-entry displayed in mmol/L and mg/dL (automatic conversion)
-addition and deletion of insulin types
-simple and attractive user interface
-detailed documentation in a graphic daily and monthly view, together with a customized scale setting
-in day view: in addition to the graphical representation, all given values for a selected day are accessible + number of measurements, the total amount of insulin units, average of glucose values and insulin units
-in month view: in addition to the graphical representation of minimum, maximum glucose value and insulin unit for the selected month
- has an export function that can handle csv-data

Features - Weight:
- saves and analyzes your weight -, BMI -and calculated body fat on a daily basis;
- gives you 3 possible ways of calculating your body fat (using a scientific technique based on your gender + BMI, or the skin pinch method);
- allows you to enter data from previous dates;
- lets you search using specific criteria (e.g. weight, date etc);
- finds your ideal weight, or ideal BMI by evaluating your personal weight entries and makes recommendations based on your BMI and personal data;
- allows you to Save, Edit and Delete selected weight values;
- gives you a graphical output of monthly weight and BMI values, with a user-defined scale to optimize display;
- generates summaries of all of your saved data;
( ->daily display of your weight, BMI and body fat values, and the difference between these and your ideal personal targets
->monthly display of your maximum and minimum weight values, along with average values of your weight and BMI)
- analyzes + makes recommendations about your ideal target weight and BMI using your personal data (height, weight, age and gender)
- quickly converts between kilograms /pounds and cm/inches
- shows you how much weight you've lost since you began storing your values
- has an export function that can handle csv-data

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MedValues Two by michael heinz on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)