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by Catcher in the Sky, LLC

NameCatcher--remember the people you meet
***Real Simple Magazine online calls NameCatcher "...a high tech way to help the name challenged." October 20, 2010

It’s so easy to meet someone and forget their name the next time you see them. NameCatcher makes this possible by storing those easy-to-forget names and helping you find them fast when you need the reminder.

Have you ever met somebody at the gym and panicked when you saw him or her again only a couple of days later and forgot their name? Add them to your NameCatcher and create the category, “gym.” Assign that category to their name and even add a reference hint or two about them. Next time you’re on your way to workout, search “gym” or any hint you can recall.

NameCatcher displays those categories and hints about people you meet so you are constantly reminded. Glancing at your master list of names can help you make that visual connection about each person.

Need more of a visual tool? Use NameCatcher’s photo feature. For example, you meet new parents on the sidelines of those soccer fields every season. For some reason it’s harder to remember their names than it is their son or daughter who’s playing on the same team as yours. Take a photo of your child with theirs and make that connection each time you go searching for their name.

Headed back to your favorite restaurant? The last time you were there you captured the name of the owner and the bartender. Open your NameCatcher app, shake the phone, and automatically see the list of people you met the last time you were there, thanks to our GPS feature.

Every person has their own unique way of using memory tools. NameCatcher was built to allow you to search how you want. If you want more details about a person, NameCatcher has “additional info” fields to allow you to add more. Some of us want the bare bones…others want more visuals, more hints and even location reminders. The app can find the name you need in a blink, using it in whatever way works best for you.

• Record information to input later.
• Keyword, category and GPS search.
• Photos
• Customizable categories.
• “A List” feature for frequently needed names.
• Sync with iPhone contact list.

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NameCatcher by Catcher in the Sky, LLC on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)