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(iPhone, iPad,
iPod touch,
iPad Mini,
iOS, iPad Air)

by Jumping World Studios Ltd

Please Note
You Can Change the time period interval by using the settings app of the iphone and changing the various settings for Timesheet. What can be easier than just emailing yourself the timesheet data files!

Timesheet provides the core abilities needed by most IT Contractors & Consultants who have to fill out timesheets on a regular basis

*A known issue relating to the details section which can cause problems when viewing the timesheet has been identified, however there is a solution as this appears to be caused by a minor problem with time zones not being set correctly.
Follow the directions at the following link to resolve the issue if you experience problems, if this doesn't resolve the problem then please let us know and we will investigate your problems in detail.

*****"This is a brilliant application with really helpful developers. It originally didnt do exactly what I needed it to do, so I dropped the developers a line and within a few days I had a re-worked version that did exactly what I needed it to do.",NJC218.
"This app is a good idea, its exactly what I need to track the long hours I do at work. I just want to clock on when I walk in the door and then clock off when I leave.",Oli-T

"Very useful app. Use it during day to keep track on various building jobs whilst subcontracting.", 2008Sniper

***Please ensure your device is set to 24hr clock.

We are currently working on a new version with a significant number of enhancements and a fix for this issue to be released soon in the meantime if you do encounter any problems please do email us at tssupport at

If you're fed up with keeping track of your daily work hours this application is the solution you've been looking for.
Simply start the application, and then Clock in or out, no complicated menus to define which project you're working on today or even setting the time. Its the time sheet equivelent of "clap on, clap off" with nothing else to do. Then when you're filling out your employers timesheet or preparing your invoice you simply flip over the main screen & you have up to 10 weeks of easily readable timesheets ready for you to transcribe.

Ideal if you attend the same site every day (IT Contractors for example)

Although we've even had reports of people using the Custom info events functionality to record when they attend different sites.

**25th July '09**
Ver 2.5 has now been released,
This update includes a much better interface (Toolbar) for going back & forward in the timesheet view, along with the very long awaited Email functionality.
********Timesheet now supports nightshift workers
NOTE:- With version 2 we strongly recommend that you checkout the Instructions which are now available on our website.

If there are features you would like to see or you are having issues, please do contact us, There is even a built in Email function. So please do drop us a line.

Download link

Timesheet by Jumping World Studios Ltd on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)