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The little red hen:Interactive Kid's book by DreamZ
by Chong Chang

★★★"DreamZ-Interactive Kids Book" beyond anyone’s imagination★★★
★★★"DreamZ-Interactive Kids Book" giving kids endless pleasure★★★

★Content Introduction:
♥ The second work of DreamZ-Interactive Kids Book, a series of multimedia readers elaborately created by DreamZ.
♥ A combination of classic kids’ fairy tales, superb animation and melodious sound effect brings kids utmost pleasure in learning and reading.
♥ With full use of technical characteristics of iPhone platform, wonderful interaction design makes kids engaged in reading from beginning to ending with exercise of both manual and mental abilities to increase their interest in learning. So, it is fittest for parents and their kids to read it together.

★Content Introduction:
♥ The Little Red Hen tells story of a hard-working little red hen. When she found wheat seeds, none of little animals in the farm wanted to give her a hand. Again, they were unwilling to help harvest the fully grown wheat. However, they competing fiercely for tasting wonderful bread made from snow-white flour. The tale teaches kids to work hard in everyday life. No hard work, no good harvest!

♥ It supports Chinese, English, Japanese,French and German all vividly read by professional native dubbers from those countries, grammatically and clearly, letting kids to read the best tales in above five languages.
♥ Full colour pages from top-notch artists for kids’ books feature lively style, exquisite painting, bright colour as well as lovely and naïve animals in the tale. All this gives kids the best visual experience.
♥ Colourful animation, interaction design is reflected in kids’ entire reading process. Therefore, kids get the initiative to promote the plots, to take delight in participation when exercising their minds and fully enjoy and find pleasure of exploring the plots.
♥ Novel plot arrangement maximally matches the animated screen to be more adapted to kids’ reading habits and let them better understand the story with the aim of learning knowledge.
♥ With professional sound effect team’s dedication, full-range dubbing of professional announcers and funny creative sound effect design, kids may feel as if they indeed went there to increase their sense of participation and further improve their interest in reading.

★Company Profile:
♥ DreamZ has been dedicated to funniest and most educational products for kids. Our team is composed of passionate and talented artists and engineers." DreamZ-Interactive Kids book" App is an excellent multimedia reader for kids aged 0-8. A new model of kids’ reading is redefined by novel plot design, wonderful sound effect, plentiful interaction and funny games.
DreamZ, makes dream come true! We only offer kids the best products. No matter what you are, excellent author, artist or copyright side who wants to produces best Kids’ App products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
DreamZ, make dream come to thy.

★ Contact Us:
♥ Please pay close attention to our microblog@DreamZ-Interactive Kids’ App to promptly know our app and preference activities.
Tel: 029-88356544

★Warm Tips:
♥ To guarantee the quality of reading, DreamZ-Interactive Kids’ books’ Series” shows optimal effect on devices no less than iPhone3GS.

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The little red hen:Interactive Kid's book by DreamZ by Chong Chang on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)