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Heung-Bu’s brother Nol-Bu
by BLStudio

★★What’s Hot! In USA Apple AppStore "Books" category★★
★★What’s Hot! In Republic of Korea Apple AppStore "Books" category★★

✧This "Heung-Bu’s brother Nol-Bu Lite" is optimized for Retina Displays, iPhone and the iPad✧

✫✬Meet a world master piece stories with Touch Book Shop Collection 1✫✬

Best present for the children in this cold winter, Touch Book Shop Collection 1!
It will be the best present to your children for this coming christmas.
Give the present to your children, the 8 pieces of fairy tale the picture drew by hands.

✧With Touch Bookshop Collection 1✧
Make a chance for your children to spend a time and think together with the world’s storybook’s characters.
Give a chance for your children to familiar with the books and interact with books.

✧Introduce of Touch Bookshop.✧
"Touch Bookshop Collection 1" is the interactive book and your children can read this book along with you.
Enjoy the master piece of 8 story books with beautiful picture, background music, and attractive narration’s voice.
Find a hidden touch with your children on each story and each page,
It will be the best book to study other languages and read the stories at the same time everyday.

✧Characteristics of Touch Bookshop✧
-The piece of 8 story books with competent illustrator’s beautiful pictures
-It’s full of fun while read with eyes, listening with ears, and touch with hands.
-While you listening to English, you can choose Korean and Chinese subtitle?
;Chinese and Korean subtitle option, “Reading” and “listening” both you can choose among of the three languages.

✧feedback from app users✧
fun for children and parents too. please make more! - in USA
the stories and illustrations are very original and creative.
each story leaves open-ended questions that children can ask themselves to boost thinking skills. - in USA

✫✬This winter, give the "Touch Bookshop Collection 1" present that your children will never forget✫✬
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Heung-Bu’s brother Nol-Bu by BLStudio on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)