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(iPhone, iPad,
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iOS, iPad Air)

by Synergeer Inc

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Checkbook replaces your paper checkbook with a quicker, more convenient way to manage your daily finances. Reconcile transactions, save recurring transactions, schedule transactions, and much more!


✓ iOS 4 compatible.
Now fully supports iOS 4, including fast-app switching, and the Retina display!

✓ Export to CSV & QIF
Export your transactions by email to be imported into the desktop application of your choice (for example, Excel, Numbers, Quicken, Money, etc).

✓ Grouped Checkbooks
Group checkbooks to organize your checkbooks exactly how you want. Balance totals for each group are displayed. Reorder your groups and checkbooks just the way you want.

✓ Transfer
Transfer funds from one checkbook to another in one operation.

✓ Check # Field
You can now store check numbers with a transaction. To make life easier, Checkbook will automatically suggest the number for you (by determining the next number in sequence).

✓ Recurring Transactions
Save a transaction to be used over and over again, without retyping all the details.

✓ Schedule a Recurring Transaction
Each recurring transaction can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and on the days you choose within the selected time frame.

✓ Multiple Accounts
Track as many accounts as you want.

✓ Reconcile!
Reconcile your transactions to see where you stand.

✓ No performance degradation
Unlike other transaction management apps in App Store, you can add as many transactions as you need, without the fear of performance loss.

✓ Instant Update to Balances
Any changes made to transactions will automatically update balance and reconciled balance for that account.

✓ Edit Lock
Transactions are locked to prevent accidental changes. Use Edit mode to make changes to existing transactions.

✓ Pin Number Security
Checkbook can be secured by a pin number of your choice. And if you forget your password, don't worry! Checkbook will ask you a question that only you know the answer to, and will reset your pin.

✓ Description, Category, and Memo
All the fields you need to keep track of your transactions.

✓ Smart Descriptions & Categories
Checkbook will remember your descriptions and categories previously entered. As you type, a list will show you your previous entries to make your new transaction easier to create.

✓ Transaction Filtering
Only display what you want to see!

✓ Transaction Detail Popup
Want to see more information about a transaction? Simply press and hold on any transaction, and a popup will display all of its details.

✓ Currencies
Supports all iPhone-compatible currencies.

✓ Online Backup (optional)
Backup your Checkbook data through our online services. Your purchase of Checkbook comes with a 30 day trial.

For those of you not using the backup service, be sure to backup in iTunes never know!

Note: We also offer a more advanced finance management app, iReconcile. Checkbook is still supported (contrary to some user reviews). Checkbook is a simple app with basic features. If you are looking for more advanced features (reporting, budgeting, syncing, etc.), check out iReconcile.

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Checkbook by Synergeer Inc on the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iOS, iPad Air)