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One Sixthism V3
by Jun Ho Kim

One Sixthism V3


A world scaled down to one sixth of its size, That’s where I seek to realize the aspiration of mankind.
The approach towards the world that cannot yet be seen or touched, Towards the desire to possess that which cannot be possessed, This is what I seek to realize in this condensed world.
I try to craft the most human-like skin, form and operation. By creating lifelike expression and posture, as if to emulate God’s breathing of life into Adam, I seek to attain the complete analog desired by humans.
The values of direct observation, as well as those of touch and possession, are all being surpassed in this condensed world.
For us humans who seek possessions for the satisfaction of the senses, or, the completion of the analog, the effort to provide such minute yet detailed “1/6” world is of great significance, as it serves as a channel through which everyone of all age, race and gender can transport across time and space to touch and possess to their satisfaction.
The act of possessing is a privilege unique to humans and is a completion of human nature.
Realization of the perfect analog and of the satisfaction of the five senses, Our human quest for “value” is being gradually accomplished in the condensed world through the work of countless “1/6 figure artists” across the world.

I call this “1/6thism”.


“The Last” is a series diorama based subjects from World War II .

The Axis were defeated by the Allied in WWII. But what did the war mean to both sides?
They may have suffered mental scars by the tragedy of battles.
They were probably in search of hope in a war whose end no one knew.
In this series, I tried to express their state of mind.
“The Last” would mean despair to the Axis, the defeated, and hope to the Allied, the victors. But for us who did not experience the war, and therefore do not share the point of view of those in the war, “The Last” can either be despair or hope.
In other words, the Axis could represent hope while the Allied represent despair.
It depends on your point of view.

What do you think?



Artist's Profile:
Jun Ho Kim, also known as Zuno (b. 1964), is a graphic/web designer, art director and a collector of toys and customized 1/6th figures and dioramas. Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, he has also taught numerous years at the collegiate level there.
His passion for toys started with collection of rare-found figures in late 1980s and has since into expanded to customizing, painting and kitbashing 1/6th scale figures with life-like details.
Also active in online forums, with awards and exhibition from around the world, the widely-acclaimed artist hopes to be a bridge between 1/6th scale world and people around the world through this app.
He now resides in the United States.
Zuno's website:


Table of Content:

V.3. The Last …
> The Last Enemy
> The Last Play
> The Last Order to Advance
> The Last Resistance
> The Last Salute
> The Last Wind
> The Last Family
> The Last Runway
> The Last Anchor

Total: 200 pages

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